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Joe Louis at 100: A life in pictures - Photos
US American boxer Muhammad Ali (former Cassius Clay) playfully places a punch at Joe Louis's belly in a hotel in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany, September 3, 1966. (AP Photo)
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Birth of the Cool: 20 Black Style Pioneers
Birth of the Cool: 20 Black Style Pioneers | GQ
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Joe Louis Chicago, Illinois, 1935
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Pictures of African Americans During World War II
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Athletics Posters, Prints & Canvas
Daley Thompson of Great Britain still standing after completing the 1500m discipline of the Decathlon during the European Athletics Championsip
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CARTER™ Magazine "Where History and Hip-Hop Meet"
Leroy “Satchel” Paige, the first Negro League player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Paige signed with the Cleveland Indians in 1948 and two days later became the oldest rookie and the first Black to pitch in an American League baseball game.’
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Historical Nonfiction
While in college, Jesse Owens set three world records and tied a fourth. And he did it all within 45 minutes. It is widely considered one of the greatest 45 minutes in sports history.
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Bob Beamon, 1968 - Iconic Photograph
Bob Beamon, 1968 - Iconic Photograph of " that" jump. His leap of the century, perhaps the all time best feat of all Olympians. Not Bolt, not even Jesse Owens (except for all time super woman Wilma Rudolf). This photo is one etched in my mind since my childhood. All time favourite.
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50 stunning Olympic moments: Wilma Rudolph – in pictures
Wilma Rudolph – US sprinter won a historic three gold medals at the 1960 Games in Rome
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Joe Louis & Marva Trotter
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Joe Louis and His Wife | Joe Louis and Children Jackie and Punchy - Jet Magazine, July 9, 1953
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Black Kudos — Joe Louis Joseph Louis Barrow (May 13, 1914 –...
Joe Louis Joseph Louis Barrow (May 13 1914 April 12 1981) better known as Joe Louis was an American professional boxer and the World Heavyweight Champion from 1937 to 1949. He is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Nicknamed the Brown Bomber Louis helped elevate boxing from a decline in popularity in the post-Jack Dempsey era by establishing a reputation as an honest hardworking fighter at a time when the sport was dominated by gambling interests. Louis champions...