Kirsi Englund
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Brand design by Aviary Creative // Romp Photography Distinctive brand design for small business
really enjoy the simplicity of this whole board. font. colors. and how the font can be layered over anything (the connected circles, food, etc) and look clean.
Musette bakery Identity, packaging, branding. Boy do I want some of this bread PD
Brand identity for Puree, (Montreal, Canada) an organic medicinal vegetable garden where consumers can have access to naturally farmed food located in local neighborhoods Created by Studioahamed.
Simple box logo & font combo: Bella Nova INTERGRATIVE WELLNESS Box color: golden, splash color: gold Font:black
Meg Summerfield Studio | Branding and Squarespace Expertise | Sid in the Kitchen a Gourmet Food Blog by Sid Wainer and Son
#12. Steel cables for creepers to let you have a growing shade.
succulent my climate it would be hen and chicks and sedum
Travel Light - 2 Weeks In a Carry-on suitcase. Find out how to pack the least amount of clothes and shoes for 2 weeks of outfits, all in a carry-on suitcase! Just a few tops, tees, cardigan, trench coat, jeans, skirt, flats and sneakers from your closet capsule wardrobe will make several outfits when you go on a trip or flight on vacation.