Love Jehovah more than you love yourself✨❤✨!!!!

Love Jehovah more than you love yourself.he gave his very firstborn SON so you could live forever!

Thank you Jehovah

Good job protecting everybody from random violence, genocide, and horrific childhood illnesses.

Never let go of Jehovah.. Your Mom prayed about EVERY LITTLE THING in her life...

Never let go of Jehovah. Your Mom prayed about EVERY LITTLE THING in her life. Even when you feel like giving up never let go!

Yes! :] Just express your feeling , worries , decisions :] y confiar en el con todo nuestro corazón :'D Pro. 3:5-6 <3 ;] dejarlò todos en sus manos y tener fe en sus promesas is gonna help us not to lose our focus :'] Do all that we can for him! Bc we truly love him and are super grateful for everything :] 2 Cro. 29:2 <3

Top 30 “Never to forget Quotes”

A quote like this reminds me of when I can't go to sleep late at night because something is bothering me. I just need to remember this quote.

Take this quiz to determine if you have had major life changes because you watched Disney movies as a child.

How have Disney films affected YOU?

HELL YES!  Pin this and read the shit out of it every day!!  This is badassery  #survivor #healing

If you are reading this you have SURVIVED your entire life to this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devestation, the different phases of life. AND HERE YOU ARE. You go, motherfucker. You're awesome!