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This board consists mainly of my homecountry, which I call Suomi, but you might know as Finland, and my two hometowns, Helsinki and Kajaani.
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In Lapland, Finland, there are as many reindeer as people.

Norway Christmas: Sami woman herder, Berit Logje with her reindeer herd before spring migration. North Norway: Kautokeino, Norwegian Lapland: Arctic & Antarctic photographs, pictures & images from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography.

tämä on sitä estetiikkaa parhaimmillaan etten tuota sanosi.

Summer in Finland, sauna and a lovely striped Blanka-towel from Nest Factory

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki , Finland - Marcus Klepper Helsinki LUX Festival 2014 Scandinavian Cruise May

jesus christ i'm crying

Trust on Finns to have their own Finnish word for everything. I'm learning Finnish right now!