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This would make a great procedure (Harry Wong). Count to five or hold up one finger at a time when the class needs to refocus. Discuss what occurs for each number at the beginning of the school year and eventually the reaction will be automatic.

Give Me Five Behavior Management Posters

"Give Me Five" is a popular way to get the attention of your class. The teacher says, "Give Me Five," and the students go through five steps: Eyes are watching, Ears are listening, Lips are zipped, Hands are still and Feet are quiet. In five seconds, the class is quiet! Included are: a full sized...

great way of assigning partners

A New Way to Introduce the Color Wheel - The Art of Education University

I recently took a graduate class titled “Supports for English Language Learners.” In this class, I learned various strategies to use when teaching English Language Learners. I was also reminded of the importance of using vocabulary and visual aids in my lesson plans. I found most of the strategies I learned from this class can […]

Collaborative Circle Weaving. Each student created a small circle weaving which was later added to the collaborative piece!

Collaborative Circle Weaving

Using cardboard looms all 6th-8th grade art students created two small circle weaving for a permanent collaborative installation in the library. Most of the yarn was collected by sending out a district wide email and the cardboard was cut from the numerous Blick art supply boxes I have been saving. With very little cost, and a high level of visual impact, this project was a great success! Making the Loom: Prep- Cut MANY 3x3 inch squares 1) Using a scissor cut the corners of the square off to…

Sunflower Clock

Where I Teach: Wednesday

I teach at the BEST school ever {but that's just my humble opinion.} The staff has been great, understanding, and oh so helpful since my hire. I'm looking forward more and more to this school year with each passing day. The stuff you probably want to hear goes something more like this.... I teach at Garfield Elementary it's the 4/5 building in the beautiful town of Abilene, Kansas. The town is the home of President Eisenhower "big" to me with the small-town feel I love. {Big is a relative…

What's Your Promise? Adorable Earth Day craft!!!

Lyndsey Kuster — Recharge & Reignite Your Passion For Teaching

With spring right around the corner, I’m starting to get my Earth Day plans together. I updated my Earth Day packet to include *a lot* more activities that I plan on doing with my …

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Calendar Birthday Cupcakes

I need to get a better picture of them, but if you look closely, they are cupcakes. It's where I write down my kids' birthdays. Here they are if you want them...just click the link below the picture. I print them once, laminate them and then write on them with a Vis-a-Vis marker. I put them in 2 files, because they are big pictures. Enjoy! Download Calendar Cupcakes Download Calendar Cupcakes July-December

Varga-Neményi-menetelmään, toiminnallisuuteen ja Liikkuva Koulu-ideologiaan hurahtaneen opettajan opetuskokeiluja.

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Varga-Neményi-menetelmään, toiminnallisuuteen ja Liikkuva Koulu-ideologiaan hurahtaneen opettajan opetuskokeiluja.