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two gray slippers sitting on top of a white floor
Neulotut huopatossut koko perheelle + OHJE
two knitted mittens sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white rug
Neulotut tossut Novita 7 Veljestä
the legs of a woman wearing red knitted socks
Chili / DROPS 131-43 - Ilmaiset neuleohje DROPS Designilta
someone is wearing white knitted slippers on their feet
the legs of a woman wearing purple knitted socks
Lollipop / DROPS 142-40 - Ilmaiset neuleohje DROPS Designilta
a woman's legs wearing red knitted slippers with pom - poms
Varsitossukat ja nenäpäivä
the crochet stitches are being used to make an ear warmer for someone who is knitting
Virkatut tossut