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the words looking into essential oils which one is it that calms other people down? chlorform? it's chlorform isn't
Sarcastic quote on essential oil
a dragon with its mouth open and the words, there's a time to be nice
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The Art of War by Sun Tzu is one of my favorite books.
a black and white photo with a lion on it's face that says, the strongest hearts have the most scars
The Strongest Hearts Have The Most Scars — Steemit
Great Quotes, True Quotes, Words Quotes
an old paper with the words one more into the fray
a wolf standing in the snow with its head down
20 Strong Wolf Quotes To Pump You Up
a lion with the quote i am different and it has cost me many people
I Am Different
Lone Wolf, Dalai Lama, Child Abuse
a wolf with the quote fate whispers to the wolf you cannot't understand the storm and the wolf whispers back, i am the storm
Fate whispers to the wolf; 'you cannot withstand the storm' and the wolf whispers back, - iFunny