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a snow covered forest with the words, my favorite thing about winter? when it's over
28 Winter Solstice Memes To Distract You From The Bitter Cold
a house in the middle of a snow covered hill with a cartoon character on it's roof
40 Hilarious Winter And Snow Memes For When You're Freezing Your Face Off
a hand holding a bunch of flowers on a pink background
a hand holding a bouquet of flowers with fingers pointing at it on a pink background
a fox is standing in the snow with its mouth open and it's eyes closed
an illustrated book with animals and the words loma
an image of a small animal with the caption'tas akka jola lomman tarpees '
a cat that is laying down on the floor in front of a poster with words
an image of the ocean and sky with words written on it that read ei mitain pannikia
an alko logo on a black background with the words, nyt allko
a green frog laying on top of a bed next to a caption that reads,