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two hot air balloons are hanging from twine strings with holes in the middle one is green and the other is blue
I'm Dreaming Of…A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That
a person is holding two small items in their hand, one with a heart and the other with a baby's foot
grief – Talk Birth
Mountain incense burner in auction.
three small vases with flowers in them on a white tableclothed surface, one is blue and the other is white
40 Töpfern Ideen für einzigartige Geschenke oder Inspiration
a white and blue vase with red flowers in it on a table next to a phone
Page d'aide redirection
there are many small plants in the tray
Grandeur Nature - Art végétal - Murs végétaux/Fleuriste
a cup and spoon sitting on top of a table next to a pair of shoes
Handmade Canadian Ceramic Pottery: Jewelry & Mugs | Dotti Potts Studio
two metal birds flying over a yellow wall
Sign in
two lamps with flowers on them sitting on a table
Trendy craft clay ideas candle holders ideas
two lamps sitting next to each other on top of a table with grass growing out of it
Or with silhouettes of astronauts and aliens Or with silhoue… – Light Ideas
three yellow and green ceramic vases with eyes on them, one in the shape of a flower
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a hand is pouring water into a potted plant
a white vase sitting on top of a gray table next to a black wall and floor
Sakiyama Takayuki | Listening to the Waves (Chōtō) | Japan | Heisei period (1989–2019) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a pair of scissors are sitting on top of a piece of paper that is embossed with flowers
four different types of hats and purses in various shapes and sizes, with chinese characters on them
蚊帳・蚊取り線香・蚊遣り・蚊対策グッズ mosquito repellent coil stands
a white bowl with green handles sitting on top of a table next to a plant
Stylish, funny, cute, Kawaii mosquito-coil holder KAYARI
To help you to buy stuff direct from Japan through Japan's largest and well known online shop Rakuten and amazon. How to How to Rakuten ​Search Pinterest
a white bowl with green handles on a table
a wooden cat figurine sitting on top of a table
a ceramic animal shaped container with spots on it's face and ears, sitting on a white surface
sarah burwash ceramics
a ceramic fox head in the center of a blue flower shaped wall mounted ornament
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Renard dans un nuage, des pièces murales en céramique
three ceramic bells with black and white designs hanging from strings on a white surface,
Jingle Bell Ornament with Stars by Michele Quan | DARA Artisans
there are three different items on the table, one has a cup and two have straws in it
Sommerville Pottery: New Yarn Bowls and Yarn Jars
Sommerville Pottery: New Yarn Bowls and Yarn Jars | ARC Photographic Images: Photography for Artists of Fine Arts and Crafts
a ball of yarn and two purple knitting needles in a wooden bowl on a white cloth
Butterfly Yarn Bowl
Butterfly Yarn Bowl Nice idea for knitters and crocheters. ...MKL...
a wooden container sitting on top of a counter
Camphor yarn bowl with black rim and walnut button lid. (No. 8, 9" dia. x 6" high), by Gary Broersma, GB Wood Specialties
a knitted basket with two knitting needles in it
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Yarn Bowl
a necklace that has birds on it
birds on a wire- ceramic necklace
ceramic pendant
a knitted object sitting in a green bowl with needles sticking out of the top
a green bowl with a cat and dog in it on a black table top next to a small ceramic animal figurine
a ball of yarn sitting in a bowl on top of a table
a ceramic cat with a leash on the ground
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Cat Shaped Ceramic Yarn Bell IN STOCK - $45 My very first catbell! I still love this version the best. #funnycats #yarnbell
a blue and gold bowl sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Earth Wool Fire
Yarn bowl painted teal blue inside and metallic wax burnished outside. £45 ($72)+shipping. Available at from today.
a ball of yarn sitting on top of a book
Pottery yarn bowl - for double knit yarn with snail design
two white bowls with blue and green designs on them
yarn bowls
Bols en céramique
a small crocheted bug sitting next to a white ceramic pot with handles on it
a ball of yarn sitting in a yellow bowl with a white rabbit on it's head
Heart Bunnies Yarn Bowl Knitting Bowl Sunflower Yellow | Etsy
Heart Bunnies Yarn Bowl, Knitting Bowl - Sunflower Yellow - Handmade Stoneware Pottery. $42.00, via Etsy.
a yellow bowl with two knitting needles in it
Yellow Yarn Bowl
Yellow Yarn Bowl on Etsy, $58.70/I so want a yarn bowl in pretty purples but my colander works just fine. sec
many different bowls with knitting needles in them
yarn bowls, pretty cool bowls. You could also use a colandar from the dollar store. Anything that has holes in it and deep enough to hold your ball of yarn.
a table topped with lots of white candles sitting on top of a wooden table next to vases
Fired Earth
Never thought of using my clay pots for candles! Love this idea for gift ideas!
a white bowl with a little red riding on it