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Texturing bonedry layered porcelain
three different types of wood are on the table next to a roll of thread and a pair of scissors
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Clay impressions
a person is using a pen to draw on a piece of art that looks like waves
#handcrafted #carving #waves🌊 #pottery #clay I can't stop myself! I love creating these waves!
a person is working with clay and paper on a table next to a bird sculpture
a person is making a paper fan craft with blue construction paper and crayons
Blogger Sneak Peek: Hand-Painted Blue & White Plates
Blogger Sneak Peek: Hand-Painted Blue & White Plates
two hands holding a pencil and drawing on a piece of paper that is folded in half
See this Instagram video by @pdblais • 2,852 likes
a woman is making paper flowers on a piece of cloth with her hands and fingers
smART Class: Clay Roses - that is so flippin' smart....OMG
three white bowls sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
added texture for raku
a person is using a cloth to wipe out some white paint on a red surface
How to make a single mould?
Mold making
the instructions for how to make green balls
Cake Decorating Tutorials (How To's) Tortas Paso a Paso
Good texture technique
a person is rolling out some paper on a table with green plants in the background
Handbuilding and Sculpting Pottery Classes Pictures
Nature textures...Leaves can be pulled off or just left on the clay. They will burn off in the kiln.
a person using a pair of scissors to cut something out of a piece of paper
Ceramic Arts Network
glazing tips, really detailed
three white bowls sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
pottery ideas & inspiration
pots with yarn pressed into to give it texture- love:)
a cake with white and yellow frosting on top of a red table cloth covered in leaves
How-to: Custom Texture Mats
Chandra DeBuse-On-The-Loose: How-to: Custom Texture Mats
a person using a wooden brush to decorate a bowl with flowers and leaves on it
Pottery Classes, Sculpture, Group, and Painting on pottery classes
Fabulous illustrated ideas for decorating raw clay, leather hard clay, bone dry clay, bisque fired, and fired. Including this hot-wax-resist example.
three pictures showing different types of floor coverings and how they are used to protect them
Ceramic Arts Network
How to Make Custom Clay Texture Rollers
a person is cutting out the paper from a clay vase with leaves and flowers on it
Handmade in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
Ramsay Ceramics Process - they share their process with us, let's visit their website to discover it!
a person is using a brush to paint a vase with brown and black designs on it
sgraffito technique ceramics
sgraffito technique ceramics - Google Search
a person is making something out of clay with a wooden stick and some other tools
Fabulös inspiration
hand-built pitcher.......the ideas are flowing! wish I had the ceramic artist in my life And I was creating
Oh my! This site is full of lots of amazing ideas! I can learn so much from him. Pottery Ideas
Gary Jackson
Oh my! This site is full of lots of amazing ideas! I can learn so much from him.
a person is cutting up leaves on a table
Hand Building Pottery Project Ideas for Teachers and Artists
Lots of inspiring project ideas from Lakeside--some applicable to upper intermediate. Impressing leaves on clay
a red handled roller with lace on it
Great Idea!
Fine Mess Pottery: Tips and Tricks
a person is holding a red object in front of a white background and it looks like they are making something out of burlap sacks
Ceramic Arts Network
Glazing Techniques
a person is working on a vase with scissors
Ceramic Arts Network
Karen Swyler does not rely on flashy glaze surfaces or intricate decoration to create an impact with her work. Instead she takes a much more subtle approach, juxtaposing raw white porcelain surfaces with ribbons of shiny clear-glazed lines or small accents of color. Her vessels are typically presented as groupings, relating to one another in... Read More »
several pieces of wood are being used to make screwdrivers and pliers on a table
DIY wooden texture stamps for kids - Mother Natured
DIY wooden Texture Stamps - Easy to make!
the pasta is being made on top of the paper with flowers and leaves around it
Tiles imprinted with pasta
Pastakuvioilla saveen/muovailuvahaan painaminen. Massa voi olla esim. Keiju-rasian pohjalle. Kipsimassa siihen päälle ja kuivumaan ja tadam: kiva kipsitaulu tuloksena.
paddle and anvil technique - Google Search
Villagers > Making Cordmarked Pottery
paddle and anvil technique - Google Search
a table with a can of paint and napkins on top of it, next to a cookie starch container
corn starch and stamping clay tip
corn starch and stamping clay tip..Great little tip!!!! Why didn't I think of it??? Dirtkicker Pottery..
a white object with a green ring on it's end sitting on a black surface
Projects & Inspiration
texturing with a bottle cap (click through for more texture tips. For using on Sugru, but would work on clays too)
a woman sitting on a wooden bench wearing an apron and striped dress with her legs crossed
Special Order Split Panel Pottery Apron by Christina
English Design Pottery Apron—Special Order Split Panel Pottery Apron by Christina
three pictures showing how to make a paper plate with leaves
VERY PRETTY. . I think this would be quirky as a wall decor item! DIY Leaf Garden Stone - what a fun weekend project!
an assortment of decorative objects on display in a room
woonstijl klassiek - vtwonen NL
Antique wooden rollers for printing wallpaper - I would love to find some of these! Imagine all the things you could do! From paper printing to painting!
four different types of paint and brushes are shown in this collage, including black ink on white paper
Mark making tools for Drawing II - students scavenge, assemble, experiment, and make adjustments to tools until they are satisfied. Swatches are created for reference and eventual use in combination with other drawings.
the process of painting a surfboard is shown in three different stages, including waxing and finishing
Ceramic Arts Network
Ceramic Arts Daily – From Flat to Round: Screen Printing Glaze Patterns onto Pottery
a person that is working on some kind of object in the process of making something
Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
multi colored slips and sandpaper to create rings
a person is painting a vase with red and black streaks on it's surface
Nest bowls, constructed by drawing and reduction, the opposite process to that of a bird nesting. Even so I think really hard about the warmth and safety neded in a real nest as I am drawing these. #nests #drawing #pottery #design #vscocam
a wooden ball and some metal wires in a stone bowl with sand on the ground
How to smooth the surface of your clay object #ceramics #pottery
a person is using a sharp knife to decorate a cup
Katrin Moye process - Paper resist
several bowls are stacked on top of each other with different shapes and sizes in them
Slab constructed bowls
how to draw a cartoon cat with an egg shell step by step drawing instructions for kids
Step 4. How to Draw Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro
Step 4. How to Draw Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro
a person using a spray bottle to decorate a vase
Ceramic Arts Network
Using the Transfer Method to Create Interesting Glaze Patterns on Pottery.
a person is making something out of clay on the floor with their hands and fingers
Clay Cupcakes Part 1
clay cupcake
a woman is working on a pot with some thread in it's hands,
How Pine Needle & Clay Vases Are Made
remember you can weave stuff into the clay after think outside of the box!