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an english poster with the words empatatiadot and other things in different languages
Terveys ja hyvinvointi - Värinautit
a poster with the words kaveritadot written in different languages and pictures on it
Tunne- ja vuorovaikutustaidot - Värinautit
a poster with the words friends in different colors and font on it's side
How to Use Posters to Encourage a Learning Environment
an image of a circle with words on it and the words what can i do?
i can't control anyone else but i can control my self by using words
Bullying Lessons, Bullying Prevention, Social Emotional Learning
Is It Bullying?
a sign that says it doesn't get easier you get better
a wall with writing on it that says, you're brave and be strong than you seem smarter
The inspirational quotes on the wall of this Alabama school are giving us all the feels
two posters with words written on them in different colors and sizes, one has a note attached to it
Classroom Décor, High School, Message Board Quotes
#selfcontrol #bekind
an image of the different types of symbols in spanish and english language, with pictures of people
a poster with words and pictures on it that describe the different types of people in hats
an apple cut out with words and numbers
a blue and white checklist with the words kuvametassys written on it
Ryhmädynamiikkaa Kuvametsästys -
a large group of people standing in front of a wall
Children in make-believe pictures cleverly arranged on the floor
the instructions for how to draw an animal in different ways, including names and pictures
Lapset ja nuoret
Itsetuntemus | Suomen Mielenterveysseura
a paper with some writing on it and clouds in the sky next to each other
the rules for roll the dice break the ice
Use up to 3 dice, campers roll, add and answer! For even more get-to-know-you-fun...have them make up their own group list!
a black and white drawing of the language list for children's books, including two different
the back to school poem with four dices on it
Back to School - First Day Activity
Back to School Ice Breaker Classroom Game
a group of children's artwork with the number four on it in front of an orange background