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a drawing of a man with black hair and no shirt on holding his hand to his face
No mullet by Gobusawa on DeviantArt
a cartoon character talking on a cell phone with the caption you can't get bad grade if you drop out
voltron memes | Tumblr
voltron memes | Tumblr
an anime character sitting at a table with wings over his shoulder and looking off into the distance
Paladin Blue Space
an anime character sitting down with her hand on her chin and looking at the camera
a drawing of a person sitting next to a wolf
Well season 7 was intense. I'm not sure how they will up the anty in story arcs to come but I really loved it. I think klance might be dead which is okay, I never really saw it but I liked the cute art too much to ignore it. I'm super proud of Hunk. Adam makes me sad. It was good.
an anime character with yellow eyes and black hair, wearing a purple outfit in the dark
a drawing of a person with no shirt on holding a cell phone to their ear
a painting of a person with flowers in the background
Galra-Keith | Tumblr
Blep Boyfriend Quiz, Voltron Tumblr, Shiro Voltron, It's Funny
an anime story with the caption that reads, when the garrison kids calling kein an emo is iconic
Giant Robots, Online Job, Fan Fiction
I agree #vld #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #keithkogane #lancemcclain #shiroganetakashi #allura #coran #hunkgarrett #pidge #shiro… Lance Mcclain
I agree #vld #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #keithkogane #lancemcclain #shiroganetakashi #allura #coran #hunkgarrett #pidge #shiro…