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an image of someone's text message on their cell phone that reads, my grandma just sent me this and i think some of y'all need to read it
a sign with the words what is romans road written in red and black on it
Roman Roads | Romans bible study, Bible study lessons, Bible study notes
a tweet with the words 7 prayer before worship
the text is displayed on an iphone screen
Knowing and Applying God's Word
It's all good to learn it and find about it, But the real question is, are you able to apply it to real life situations ?
a tweet with the caption'just because it's gone doesn't mean it was a bad thing it means it i'm
a tweet with the caption that reads, and when you pray tonight pray for god's power to get out of the fire
a poem that reads pray before you respond, pray before you offer advice to pray before you
the menu for major and minor projects
a tweet with the caption that reads, you are god's delight