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sonj a

I smoked a cigarette which I haven’t done in a long time, while thinking of you. I also looked towards the sea. Intoxicating scent
sonj a
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From the series Roam by Malwina Adaszek

He had not been in his mother's room ever since she died when he was three years old. Now that he's 18 he went back to see that everything was just as how she left. The bed still smelled like her, her clothes were still in the wardrobe, her vanity spread across her table and the mirror was spotless. A portrait of him and his mother was still there on the mantelpiece. Her eyes still had so much life and he was so young. If only he could talk to that picture.

liber eram et vacuo meditabar vivere lecto; at me composita pace fefellit Amor. Cur haec in terris facies humana moratur?

Dead Poets Society, Marauder, Stephanie Perkins, Remus Lupin, Lone Wolf, In August, Style Clothes, Skeletons, Raven, Men


Amsterdam brand ETQ are set to make their first step out of the footwear game with the release of their inaugral line of leather jackets.