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20 Different Traditional Finnish Food You Must Try in Finland

Check out this list of 20 TRADITIONAL FOOD OF FINLAND and let me know which one you'd love to try if you visit this beautiful country – or pin this to read later!

Viisaita (siis viisahia) sanoja ;) -- ja viälä oikialla murtehellaki! Tosin tua "oot" vois olla muoros "soot". :-)

Finnish quote () 'Live your life like it was the final day, one day you'll be sure right'

Suomilampi (Finland pond) near Yllästunturi. Does the shape of this lake remind you of something? //// It is our country, WITHIN our country! the country of a thousand lakes... as a lake. Countryception and lakeception at the same time. Wtf.

Suomilampi (Finland pond) near Yllästunturi, Finland. Does the shape of this lake remind you of something? The country of thousands lakes. as a lake.

Bwa ha ha ha!

Camping anyone? Gives a new perspective to weenie roast. it would be hilarious to put a marshmallow on the guy and 2 hot dogs on the girl rofl Camping hot dogs cooking

Suomen lipun historia

Suomen lipun historia

5 erikoista nähtävyyttä Suomen luonnossa, joiden olemassaolosta et tiennyt | Vivas

Balancing Kummakivi Stone: Kummakivi means "strange rock." It's a very rare nature phenomenon in the southern Valtola Savoni, Finland. The giant monolith is balancing on another rock surrounded by forest.

Maitopussi 60/70-luvun vaihteesta Finland

Maitopussi 60/70-luvun vaihteesta Finland

Moskvitsh -Suomen teille eniten levinnyt auto

Moskvitsh -Suomen teille eniten levinnyt auto

Blueberry harvest

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