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Hakaniemi, Helsinki, Finland

Photo by Ville Paganus aka Pjotr.

Pripyat once inhabited 50,000 residents, now stands as a ghost town.  Still, after 25 years no one without protected suits can go in there.

Prypiat, the ghost town of Chernobyl When the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster took place in a large area of land was heavily contaminated by radioactivity. The Soviet government ordered the evacuation of over people living

BP Oil Disaster - Gulf Of Mexico

SPILL, Daniel Beltra Images from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill A plume of smoke rises from a burn of collected oil. A total of 411 controlled burns were used to try rid the Gulf of the most visible surface oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon wellhead.

NY in the 80s 77    South Bronx circa 1980.

NY in the 77 South Bronx circa There's something about the woman at the bottom with the baby stroller I find very evocative.

View from the Burnside Station. Daniel Hauben

BCC Library Commission No. View from The Burnside Station by Daniel Hauben