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two windows decorated with colorful kites and clouds
Podzimní okna v MŠ,pouštění draka
an owl family in a tree cut out from paper
paper cutouts of two children holding kites on a wooden floor with wood floors
Drak - podzimní okna v MŠ
two paper flowers made to look like bees
How To: Make Paper Cut Bumble Bee Cards & Decorations
the door is decorated with paper flowers and butterflies on it's sides, along with other decorations
a door decorated to look like a snowman
68 Amazing Classroom Doors for Winter and the Holidays
45 Amazing Ideas for Winter and Holiday Classroom Doors
two paper rabbits with flowers in their hands, one holding a broom and the other carrying a basket
a paper cut out of a rabbit holding a carrot
a paper cut out of a butterfly and a frog with eyes on it's wings
Am Libellenteich grüßt der Frosch – Fensterbild aus dem Blog der Buntpapierwelt.de
four circles are arranged in the shape of an orange, yellow and green turtle on a wooden surface
Eine Landschnecke auf kleiner Entdeckungsreise – aus dem Kreativ-Blog