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the crochet pattern is made up of two rows of white yarn, with small holes on each side
Uusia tiskiliinoja(rättejä)
Prinsessajuttu: Uusia tiskiliinoja(rättejä)
a white crocheted dishcloth on a wooden table
Virkatut tiskirätit
Virkkasin bambu langasta pari tiskirättiä. Toisesta tuli tälläinen pitsiliinamaisempi versio.
a white crochet bag sitting on top of a wooden table
Neulottu tiskirätti
H a n n a m a i s t a: Neulottu tiskirätti
a gray knitted object sitting on top of a wooden table
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Knitting Pattern, PDF Dishcloth Pattern, Washcloth Instant Download, Bridgette Dishcloth Pattern
a pink crocheted blanket sitting on top of a wooden floor
Virkattu tiskirätti bambulangasta
Virtasia: Virkattu tiskirätti bambulangasta
a blue crochet blanket with yarn and knitting needles on it, next to a ball of yarn
tiskirätti+virkkaus+ohje - Google-haku
a green knitted leaf ornament on a white background
Neulottu tiskirätti Novita Puuvilla-bambu | Novita knits
Neulottu tiskirätti Novita Puuvilla-bambu | Novita knits
the crochet pattern is very bright pink
Virkattu tiskirätti + OHJE
Virkattu tiskirätti + OHJE
a knitted dishcloth is shown in red, green, yellow and pink
Love Washcloth Pattern
dishcloth pattern from aknittingmountain.blogspot.com
a close up of a knitted piece of cloth on top of a mat with knitting needles
April 16 KAL Day 2 and finish