In Finland saunas are a way of life. In a country of roughly 5 million people you will find million saunas.

country sauna

country house sauna with Burton Burton Burton Flemming and Pearl Liu Grinsteinner Barley

what a location

a sauna by the lake in Finland, for you Arianne!


Sauna (SOW-NA) buckets and the ladles. memories, and eventually more to…

phenomenal style

Sauna in Queen Charlotte Islands by Colin Doane. Lashed to front rafters are green whale jawbones. 133 of Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn) tiny amazing unusual house

Love the grass roof thing

Alaskan Wilderness Sauna - how cool would that be in the back of the cabin?

if mine wasn't already built ...

if mine wasn't already built ...

wood fired stone hot tub. project for this winter.

Wood fired natural stone hot tub, with fire places built in to the outside. What an amazing idea!

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