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Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos


The stone wall in this Sauna almost looks like a waterfall. And properly lit too. –Elämän kirjo: Mun sauna on SunSauna

Take some time for a sauna

The traditional 'vasta' (birch branches), 'kiulu' (wooden bucket) and linen to sit on, natural soap and a lantern to light up the path to the sauna in the darkness ;

Sauna Water Bucket by cabin9, via Flickr

Water Bucket, ladle and Vihta / Vasta in sauna. Vihta or Vasta is in english birch whisk used in sauna. The use of Vihta or Vasta is slap repeatedly our bodies. That aids your circulatory system, cleans and refresh your skin and it& also like a massage.

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Rustic Log Cabin Design with Stunning Interiors

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a luxury chalet located in San Lorenzo di Sebato, Italy. Overlooking the town of Brunico and the Plan de Corones mountain wit

Sexy little sauna

Backyard Sauna / Røros, Norway--I think I am going to transform my backyard into a Sauna and warm pool situation.

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PODhotel by Pod Design, Flims, Switzerland, an eco POD hotel made of three very well insulated PODhouses to provide affordable accommodation and maximum comfort during even the most extreme weather.

Avanto (a hole cut into ice), lake sauna

Avanto (a hole cut into ice) - ice swimming - worth doing at least once in your life.