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the zipper on a black jacket with white and gray trims is open to reveal an emblem
Vetoketjun korjaus nopeasti
Hääräämö: Vetoketjun korjaus nopeasti
two rows of gray and white squares that have been made out of small squares, each with
Extended ebook content for Mastering Color Knitting: Peeries
Extended ebook content for Mastering Color Knitting: Peeries
a blue and black knitted background with an animal pattern
Подбор цветовой гаммы для вязания жаккардового узора
Katten, veel katten
two rows of knitted ties with different colors
Twist-and-Weave Color Change
Farbwechsel ohne Löcher
a close up of a crocheted blanket with two knitting needles sticking out of it
Tutorial: Jogless Join
If you're a knitter, pin this! I just used this method for a hat and it works…
a pair of mittens sitting on top of a furry surface
Ravelry: conniecatknitter's Kattepoter More
the woman is wearing an open jacket and pants
definitely wouldn't consider actually paying for this. Simple enough to knit yourself.
a knitted mitt sitting on top of a white table next to some scissors
How to knit the easiest sock in the world: Arne & Carlos
a person wearing socks with their feet in the air
Dublin Bay Sock - free knitting pattern
two skeins of yarn sitting next to each other
Yup, yup totally cute
This is unaccountably satisfying. It should be boring, but it really really really isn't.
a blue and white knitted sweater with a bird design on the front, side
fair isle knitting free charts
fair isle knitting free charts