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SC: Sweetgrass Weaving - Circular Cardboard Weaving, one of my favorite weaving projects for kids


Good way to recycle old shirts or fabric scraps — Мастер-классы на BurdaStyle.

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Embroidery hoop weaving loom- a great craft idea. Could also be adapted for the Boy Scout Basket Weaving Merit Badge.

DIY: Weaving Technique Break Down

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas DIY: Weaving Technique Break Down -Read More -

Amazing Cross Stitch Rug!Nx

Floral Leather Tapestry Rug NEW - Rugs, Cushions & Throws - Decorative Home - Home

Branch weaving - fun nature activity for crafty and creative kids that just uses yarn

Branch Weaving

Branch weaving instructable - fun nature activity for crafty and creative kids that just uses yarn. We could also make bigger looms and use t-shirts and make rugs.

Weaving with lavender, via Blogbloeme I Stylingsinja

weaving with lavender, yarn and natural objects something for all the lavender in our front garden :) This is such a lovely thing.

I’ve had a quiet obsession with this Tibetan form of weaving over the past year. Nomads of Tibet weave these tiny pieces to form the base of a traditional slingshot they use to herd + protect their yak. Back in Tibet last May, I visited our partner workshop hoping the oldest and most badass lady artisans could finally teach me. When I got there they were gone, all had taken off for the high mountains for the annual mushroom harvest. So over the past few months I’ve been learning from my…

So many interesting skills going on in this nomad women's textile workshop! This piece is part of a traditional Tibetan slingshot.