Anyone who’s contemplating building a tiny house needs to known two things: First, tiny houses aren’t always legal. Depending on the municipality, the construction of a tiny house, defined as measuring 300 square feet or less, can violate ordinances enacted to prevent slumlords from exploiting tenants. Some enterprising builders skirt the law by constructing tiny …

Raised bed storage below - tiny house - 'The Big Deal with Tiny Houses' short article on what you need to know

little bed nook

guest bedroom nook that offers guests privacy if you close the sliding door, and is an open, nook-y space otherwise. bookshelves feel off-balance to me, but yay books! Moon to Moon: Hibernation: Cosy bedroom nooks. ---- This would so be my room.

Mornings at the cabin, thinking about all the places out there that we have yet to see. What I find the most challenging about being in my mid is planning for the long term. It’s easy to know.

Cutting board and fruit/veg storage on wheels

Cart slips neatly under counter for additional cutting or serving surface Would be great to fill out our current island so we don't have to rebuild the whole thing!

rustic-yet-modern-pallet-bed-with-storage.jpg 720×600 pikseli

This is my bed with handmade crates going to build like a book shelf first and lay side ways. Then build foot board and taller head board with a platform plywood frame.


Creative Counter Space for a small kitchen. Here, a rolling cart tucks neatly into this island to offer additional workspace as needed. The cart can be wheeled throughout the kitchen to give multiple cooks room for meal prep and staging.

the sink in this tiny small space kitchen is gorgeous! And check out that window seat! Nice and deep and unusually comfy.   house

I think I just want the whole RowdyKitten House just as it is. Sink if fabulous. I love the sink. I'm not crazy about the dark wood counter top.

Kitchen storage space is always at a premium, and this is especially true in small kitchens. But fortunately, having a kitchen with a small footprint doesn't have to mean always struggling to fit things in. If you're remodeling, consider one of these 13 s

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Convertible dining room in a tiny house.

Gorgeous tiny house is inspired by Scandinavian design

This is the Riverside Tiny House on Wheels by New Frontier Tiny Homes and you're invited to come on in and enjoy this gorgeous tiny home!