Finnish stamp

A damn fine 'cherry' pie Finland style. Bilberry, blueberry or whortleberry. the flying fish

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30's poster art Finland for Holidays

Finland for Holidays

Finland for Holidays - Finnish State Railways Giclée-vedos tekijänä Ingrid Bade AllPosters.

Vintage travel poster - FINLAND.

Finland Travel Poster _D

Finland - The Finnish Maiden is older than the Finnish nation. She was devised to represent the longed-for national independence in the century, when Finland was still a Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire.

Suomenlinna's ramparts

Suomenlinna is a maritime fortress located off the coast of Helsinki, Finland

- Vintage Finland Poster

See Finland by Circular Tour - Finnish State Railways - Photo: Fred Runeberg, 1960

Birch leaves contain soap and that's one of the reasons why Finns started to use birch branches as bath whisks in ancient times | The Finnish way to sauna [sow-na]

Martta Wendelin was a Finnish artist whose work was widely used to illustrate fairy tales and books, postcards, school books, magazine and book covers.