A bit on BeeBots - presentation to teaching staff

some information on using BeeBots as a part of lesson plans, drawing on how I've been using them in the Robots & Computers Club after school.

A free printable game to help kids learn to code

Learning Code for Preschoolers Without a Computer

A Free Printable Game to making learning code for preschoolers fun, even without a computer and practice basic programming skills.

Using Bee Bots to Teach Computing at Key Stage 1

Using Bee Bots to Teach Computing at Key Stage 1

School Code, Key Programmer, Key Stage 1, Printable Cards, Computer Science, Computer Class, Science Area, Computational Thinking, Lego Mindstorms

Bee bots Instruction cards medium.doc

Cards for each button on the Bee-bot eg - forwards, clear, go. The small cards my children use to help them plan the programme for the bee-bots.

Alkuopetuksen kokeiluja iPadilla -ylt

Alkuopetuksen kokeiluja iPadilla -ylt

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