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Belle, Jasmine and Ariel were my favorites! I didn't care for Cinderella as much, I was too scared to watch Snow White because of the evil witch and I found Sleeping Beauty not as exciting>>>> but i love all things disney

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that every artist needs a portfolio website. Okay, well maybe this isn’t universal knowledge, but it should be. It is the century, you’re a professional …


carryonmy-assbutt: “ tumblin-monkeys: “ notclickbait: “ “ notclickbait: “ “ notclickbait: “ lets not forget this gem ” cant believe we’re leaving out this and more.

Read the first part of this infographic here: The Lord of the Rings: Ramdom Facts That Every Fan Should Know. [Via I already knew most of these, I'm on the second part of LOTR, but some were interesting