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several christmas cards are laid out on a red and white checkered tablecloth with buttons
Christmas Countdown : Top 10 Cards - Serenity You
Make and send christmas cards to everyone you love! Cute cards for kids to make
four christmas cards with buttons on them and the words diy christmas cards attached to them
Great Valentines card
Super cute cards, another great use for old buttons!
a christmas card with a green tree painted on it
One Trees Christmas Watercolor Card Original Painting - Etsy
Watercolor ideas
a red mitt is tied up to a card
Be Merry
cute little card--would work for thank you cards as well
handprints made to look like gnomes on blue paper with red hats and hands
jouluaskartelu lapsille
jouluaskartelu lapsille - Google-haku
a card with three snowmen standing in front of a night sky and stars on it
Papercrafts by SaintsRule!
I just love how the snowmen are looking up for this card! too cute
a card with paper hearts attached to it on a table next to a bottle and twine
Christmas Cards DIY - Together for Christmas
Shabby soul: Christmas Cards DIY - Together for Christmas
two christmas cards with paper cut out of them, one has a tree and the other is a star
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