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Remus Lupin

If Remus is the boring and mature Marauder, can you imagine what life would have been like if Sirius and James had lived?<---But he's my favorite Marauder and not boring?

Cho Chang is seen as weak because she displayed emotion at the death of her boyfriend as she deserved to - what does that say about society?

How To Make my Boyfriend Hard is a question I keep asking myself as my boyfreind can't keep a rock-solid erection. How To Make Your Boyfriend Hard guide?

James Potter snorting in heaven when Harry says, "My father didn't strut!"- because, no, he bloody well didn't, because he pranced.


A culture of consent is imperative to making public space safe enough for women and men to socially engage with each other in a healthy, fair, equal, and fun way for everybody. Don't want people feeling "paranoid" or "playing the blame game"?