DIY Marquee Letter by Sugar & Cloth, via Grey Likes Nesting

DIY Marquee Letter by Sugar & Cloth, great idea for a girl's bedroom. Use low watt bulbs and it could be night light.

Go Sans. @Ashton Wirrenga

Serif is a personal project that illustrates the rivalry between Serif and Sans-Serif typefaces. The poster series plays on the cutting of the serif from serif fonts, and the taping of a serif on sans-serif fonts.


Thinking beyond the screen and in terms of physical properties opens up all kinds of possibilities, like this 'A' which looks like paper that has had a hole punched in it.

A by Francesco Muzzi - #Typography #Logo #Design #Inspiration #Creativity

I love the idea of combining a script and a slab serif typeface to creative an entirely different font. I've been struggling with a trademark for myself and the initials AA so this gives me some new direction. Editorial+typography / All sizes

Visual Lexicon: 50 Creatives Who Inspire Us With More Than Words | Brit + Co.

Atype - Craft Typography by Lobulo Design “Whatever you want to do, it’s possible in paper”. Atype project was born to show the different ways to transform a simple flat letter in a tactile model.