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a knitted sweater with text that reads tellurde easy kimono knitting kit
It doesn’t get comfier or warmer than this cozy, beginner friendly knit kimono. Made with super bulky yarn and large needles, it works up fairly quickly and is a dream to wear on cold days. #ad #affiliate #knitting #diy #crafts
two pairs of mittens hanging from a clothes line
norweger muster stricken
two pairs of green knitted socks sitting next to each other
GFTC's Rivendell Socks
Ravelry: GFTC's Rivendell Socks
GG16-02_Knestrømper_Forsidebilde Haken, Breien, Koin, Tricot, Moda, Tejidos, Mittens
GG16-02 Knestrømper
a knitted hat with two different designs on the front and side, one is blue and
Cute sheep hat
three black and white squares with different designs on them, all in the same pattern
selbu knitting patterns
a knitted hat sitting on top of a wooden table
Knitting for Charity: 31 Free Hat Patterns
Knitting for Charity: 20 Hat Patterns | AllFreeKnitting.com
a pair of yellow socks sitting on top of a bed
owl socks! free pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owlie-socks
a woman's legs wearing green socks and holding her leg up against a brick wall
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knitted socks - free pattern
two skeins of yarn sitting on top of a wooden table next to a knitting needle
Socks of Kindness: getting started
Socks of Kindness: free pattern included
two purple and white knitted mittens sitting on top of a stone slab next to each other
Stitchery Witchery
Moose Mittens – a free knitting pattern by Brian Nelson.