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two hands are knitting yarn on a wooden skewer with blue and yellow stripes
Basic Sprang Tutorial
an image of weaving techniques on the app store's iphone screen, with text below it
a wooden frame with the words 5 things i wish't known when i started weaving
5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Weaving
Advice for frame loom weaving and information for beginner weavers on warping the loom, weaving tips and tricks, and sharing weaving. #weaving #beginnerweaving #newweaver #frameloom #howtoweave #modernweaving #weavingideas #wovenwallhanging #loom
Upcycling T-shirts
Weaving 4 layers of T-shirt yarn on a frame loom.
DIY Fabric Scraps Rug
Upcycle your fabric scraps with this easy crochet DIY.
four different ways to make fabric yarn with the words making fabric yarn on top of them
an old doily is hanging on the wall in front of a white frame with black writing
Pyöreä virkattu matto
different types of weavings are shown in this diagram
types of weaves types of weaving
a ball of yarn and knitting needles on a table
Easy Ways to Recycle – Recycling Information
old t-shirt carpet ~ love this; I'll make one this spring after our wedding for the new condo