It’s happened to me more than once already, that when I visit m2=neliö blog, I think that there’s some gorgeous pictures from a decor magazine. Only to realize that the photos are not from a magazine, they are from their own home! I have showed you some inspiring Swedish homes, but now it’s time to show a Finnish home that is truly inspiring. And why not? Even if we are sometimes in the shadows of our neighboring “big brother” Sweden, there’s some excellent design in Finland too :) Like this…

"Ken kiuruista kaunein" wallpaper by Tapettitehdas Pihlgren ja Ritola


Dandelion Clocks a feature wallpaper from Sanderson, featured in the Options 10 collection.

Ken kiuruista kaunein 64672

Ken kiuruista kaunein 64672

Dandelion Clocks Red DOPWDA101

Sanderson Dandelion Clocks Wallpaper Designer Fabrics and Wallpapers by Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris, Osborne, Little And many

Kiurujen yö 69613

Kiurujen yö 69613

Portobello Cream/Indigo DFIF210227

Portobello a feature wallpaper from Sanderson, featured in the Wallpapers collection.

Atomic Gold/Red DFIF210235

Sanderson Atomic Wallpaper- Designed in the Sanderson studio this wallpaper is heavily influenced by the molecular motifs that were hugely popular in the