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I present to you, the complete comic of the scene from the end of Mark of Athena! Also, 150 hours of my life. I am going to sit in a corner and eat a bo. Long Way Down - Complete Comic - Mark of Athena


The movie is considered fanfiction in an alternate universe from that moment on. Me the whole time watching insurgent

If u get this...

This is funny to Percy Jackson fans. It's been a while, but I still remeber the guinea pigs. I was so mad when Percy wasn't turned into a guinea pig in the movie.

Actually I'd do it to the screenwriter because he's the one who made those disgraceful lines.

But I'd feel bad for damaging the precious book on his thickity thick face. // this also applies to any bad book-to-movie or tv adaptations. (Lookin at you City of Bones movie and Shadowhunters tv show) *cries for the wasted potential*

Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase

Tbh I'd try and kill someone for stealing my dinner if I happened to have a sword in my hand

OMG! I can't stop laughing this is the best! This is exactly why I ship characters with the person thee actually date in the book!

oh my gods laughed so hard.thank god I write sober fanfics>>>Yeah, my PJO fanfic is kinda normalish. No smut or weird ships.