Why should picking up or searching for lost hand towels be part of the cooking process? Here’s a great gift idea (and template!) by The Creamer Chronicles: hanging hand towels with a button loop hanger.

Avaimenperät on aina syksyisin hukassa ja heijastimiakaan ei ole koskaan liikaa. Yhdistettiin avaimenperä ja heijastinkangas, joten avaimetkin...

Owl cup cozy at Just a garter stitch band for the cozy with felt details, cute!--I so could knit/crochet the felt details too!

Määki halusin tehdä näitä sudenkorentoheijastimia, jotka bongasin täältä . Lisäksi tein tuommosen hapsuheijastimen. Siivet leikkasin 8cm lev...

DIY Felt Stick Horses

toy = juguete :) Felt Stick Horse Tutorial [I believe children need rocking horses but have made my share of hobby horses when needed. Never used felt, boot socks as far as I recall. Anyway, these look pretty snazzy, don't you think?

Directions to sew a neck pillow that you can use as a pillow or stuff with rice for a heating pad. Weighted lappad or on shoulders?