Swedish poster for recruiting Swedes to come and fight for Finland against Russia.

“Finland’s cause is ours! For a bigger battle join the Volunteer Corps”- Swedish poster responding to the Soviet invasion of Finland

Hohtavat talviset hanget vuodelta 1935 on VR:n ensimmäinen nelivärijuliste. Kuva: Suomen Rautatiemuseo

from Finnish: "Glow in winter snows. Get that brisk, refreshed feeling. Please take some of your vacation in ski season.

Poikkeatko lomallasi Helsinkiin? Listasimme Stadin 50 rakastettavinta paikkaa, niin uusia löytöjä kuin vanhoja tuttuja. Mikä on sinun suosikkisi?

Helsinki Points of Interest and Top Attractions to Visit Check out these Helsinki points of interest and top attractions to visit before your visit to Finland a grandeur of a country in the Nordics!

Helsinki's Design District, Finland

Hotel Torni, Helsinki, Finland, designed by architects Jung & Jung in 1928 with 14 stories. The hotel served the needs of air defense during the World War; members of the Finnish women's paramilitary organization Lotta Svärd kept watch for enemy bombe