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I have been working with Sanshee and Riot Games and we will be representing League of Legends with two t-shirt designs at PAX Prime this year! League of Legends PAX

2005 Ford Falcon GT Australia

F'k'n love these cars. Meanest, modern looking Falcon GT ever built. Only thing nicer in my eyes is the White and Blue styling of the Ltd Ed Cobra that was made in


2012 Ferrari 458 Italia-heartthrobs to emerge from Maranello, a purpose-built exotic sports car that hammers home its high performance message by way of a high-revving, 562 horsepower engine that is mounted to the rear of the driver.

Is This the 2017 Ford GT In All Its Production Glory?

Courtesy of a Ford GT Forums member, a spyshot of the production-spec 2017 Ford GT has surfaced online, featuring several minimal changes over the concept car.