Minna Canth, portrait by Kaarlo Vuori August 1863 - 22 June Finnish painter.

Wilhelm von Wright was a Finnish painter. He was born into a wealthy family in Kuopio. Wilhelm traveled to Sweden to assist his brother Magnus to complete a book on Swedish birds – Svenska foglar.

Ferdinand von Wright was a Finnish painter, famous for his work on nature, especially birds.

Magnus von Wright June 1805 – 5 July Finnish painter and ornithologist, famous for his work on nature, especially birds, like his younger brothers.

Ferdinand von Wright Taistelevat Metsot / The Fighting Capercaillies 1886 - Finland - birds - Click image to get to original site with audio

Wilhelm von Wright: Quay and Boat Shed, ca. 1850. #Ateneum Art Museum. The middle one of von Wright brothers suffered a stroke in early 1850s, which made him almost completely unable to work. Series of sixty lithographs to Skandinaviens fiskar (Fishes of Scandinavia), 1857 became his most important illustration work.

Pekka Halonen The Lynx Hunter Oil on canvas - 125 x 180 cm Helsinki, Ateneum Taidemuseo

Maria Jotuni was a notable Finnish author and a playwright. Maria Jotuni was born in Kuopio, where she also has a school named after her.

Juhani Aho, originally Johannes Brofeldt, September Lapinlahti – 8 August Helsinki) was a Finnish author and journalist.

Johan Vilhelm #Snellman (1806–1881) was an influential philosopher and Finnish statesman ("Father of the Finnish state"). In his 30s he was barred from university employment due to Russian control over new and oppositional thoughts (Finnish movement). He took a position as headmaster for a school in distant Kuopio. There he published polemical periodicals which advocated for developing Finnish into a language of the academics and state. The papers were suppressed, but Snellman didn't relent.

Pekka Halonen was a painter of Finnish landscapes and people in the national romantic style. His favorite subjects were the Finnish landscape and its people which he depicted in his Realist