Kusti Manninen

Kusti Manninen

Kusti Manninen
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http://www.tipsforplanningaparty.com/howtothrowakaraokeparty.php has some advice on how to put on a karoake event at home or at a club.

"Kara-not-oke" Beijing, China: A Chinese toddler's refusal to give up the microphone during a family karaoke evening started a quarrel that left two men hacked to death with a meat cleaver.

Turn the f$!#k uppppp

((Open with acacia)) i was at a party dancing with some of my friend , i had only had a couple of drinks so i wasnt drunk yet but i was a little tipsy.

In a recent survey, it has been claimed that if given a choice most men prefer Audi R8 over girls/women. Description from audiindia.blogspot.co.uk. I searched for this on bing.com/images

beautiful women, expensive cars, every man’s dream but what are dreams to the men we are.

More and more I am becoming aware of the truth that people change people as much as ideas change people. The power of personality is strong.