Kakslauttanen Arctic resortKakslauttanen Arctic Resort 4-Sterne-HotelAdresse: Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä, FinnlandTelefon: +358 16 667100

Overnachten in een Iglo in Finland (met uitzicht op het Noorderlicht!) - Arctic Resort, Saariselkä, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort On my bucketlist with the love of my life 💕

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Things to do in Finland in the summer

Finland is truly magical in summer. Read our guide to 6 amazing things to do in Finland.

Kunnon laituri se mökillä pitää olla!

Summer in Finland, sauna and a lovely striped Blanka-towel from Nest Factory

Beautiful Outside toilet in Finland, I want mine to be like this at our cottage!

Outside toilet- if you visit a Finnish summerhouse you might find yourself meditating in one on these. Now if i was going to make a dream outhouse that would be the one LOLOLOL!

The picture of my precious Finland, fresh and green, wild beauty | Birch Woods in Finland

The picture of my precious Finland, refreshing green, wild beauty

Finnish national flower "kielo" , Convallaria majalis

Finnish national flower "kielo" , Convallaria majalis -- Lily of the Valley.my favorite scent.

Cloudberries, hard to pick... expensive but so good! On Finnish cloudberry is called Hilla!

Lakka eli/or suomuurain eli/or hilla - Rubus chamaemorus - Cloudberries, hard to pick. expensive but so good! Lakka and suomuurain are used in Southern Finland, hilla in Lapland

Mansikat - Finnish strawberries are the sweetest in the world.

Mansikat - Finnish strawberries are the sweetest in the world.

Mustikka-aikaan Finland

in Finland you may pick blueberries in the wood almost from anywhere you want

Een prachtig meer in Finland waar de tocht verder noordwaarts voert naar Rovaniemi, de hoofdstad van Fins Lapland, dat praktisch op de poolcirkel ligt. #Scandinavie

Look how beautiful and tranquil! In Finland there are 187 888 lakes (more than 5 ares).

Bluebells, Kissankello(= catsbell :D) represents the Central Ostrobothnia province in Finland.

Summer bluebells bloom next to a red cottage in Finland's Central Ostrobothnia province.