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a cat sitting on top of a table with the caption saying,'i don't know what this is
Suunnitelmani Viikonlopulle...
a chicken that is standing up with the words good morning i'm smiling on the inside
Good Morning
a woman standing on the side of a road holding a sign that says the happiness
Happiness сoming and going!
a green frog laying on top of a leaf in water with a quote above it
On mukava olla tekematta ..
a meerkat sitting on its hind legs in front of a sign that says,
Päivän suunnitelma
a white cat sleeping on top of a red chair
Etusivu Gepetto
Gepetolla on iso valikoima Anu Pellisen kuvittamia ja tekstittämiä postikortteja värikkäin kuvin sekä oivaltavin tekstein joissa on ilahduttavat ja lohdulliset tunnelmat. #habitare2014 #design #sisustus #messut #helsinki #messukeskus
an old woman sitting in a chair next to two dolls on a table with the caption, yak atavissi jamme
a man standing on top of a ladder with the words, the importance of smaller steps