I would use QR Codes in the classroom for a number of activities. Whether it was literacy, math, science or any subject, QR codes get students used to using technology in a fun and creative way. The student would grab a cube and complete each of the activities as part of a daily task. I would use this in my 1st grade classroom.

Codes used for DOK questions.QR Codes are a fantastic tool to use in the classroom. QR Codes are abbreviated from Quick Response Code. They are a barcode that can have a website, text, video, email address, voice thread and.

50 ideas for using QR codes in the classroom! Love it!

Eden's website, testimonials, sold listing , current listings and Lane County information.

0-100 allekkainlasku Qr-kooditehtäviä.

Students first complete the two-digit addition and subtraction problems (with and without regrouping), then check their answer by scanning the QR code that is on the card.

Have students record info about their work via audio file or video and use the QR codes to link it. Your audience can see the work and link to more information.

QR Codes in K: Capture the Voice

0-100 allekkainlaskuja QR-koodein.

QR codes are a great way to get students engaged in what they are doing! Use these math cards as an independent student center or as a reinforceme.

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