An interesting tool for working through emotions and needs with kids. Helps you learn the processes of emotions, actions, and needs, and gives you a nice reminder to pull out when needed.

The Play Lady: Care Tags This would be good for kids at the school I work at that have a hard time expressing what they need when they are feeling certain ways

This free printable Emotions board game is perfect for kids who need help learning how to properly express their emotions. Happy, sad, scared, angry and bored are the fun emotions that they will be exploring through play and conversation.

Free Printable Emotions Board Game

Asioita, joita rakastan.

20 Art Therapy Activities You Can Try At Home To Destress-- this picture is an almost exact depiction of my life.

Ystävän- / äitien- / isänpäivä.

Ystävän- / äitien- / isänpäivä.

feelings flash cards

Get the PDF Feelings This is one of my most requested image sets. I've got plans to make a whole new version of these images this summer, what feelings do you think

Nalle Puh - Ihaa mököttää 10min.

Nalle Puh - Ihaa mököttää video, n.

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