DIY Sock Snake

DIY Sock Snake - Finally something to do with all the single socks the washer spits back.

Bolsa - bag

How to Make a Bag: Tote Bag Pattern and Tutorial

лоскутная подушка-игрушка кот

лоскутная подушка-игрушка кот I could make a Weimaraner one of these

DeskTop Wrist Rest Pets Pattern ~ need this!

DeskTop Wrist Rest Pets Pattern ~ need this! Again, with imagination and a "Doorstop" patroon - this could be done, without pay a sent.

Desktop Pets Wrist Rest cats

These little guys made from the Straight Stitch Society Desktop Pets Wrist Rest sewing pattern will keep you company during the work day.

Easy Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial

Needle and Spatula: Easy Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial . I think I'll make one of these to carry my current knitting project with me! And a book and cars for Mickey so we each have something to do.

Just too much fun!  Not into cats?  With a touch of creativity, you can make this into a dragon, snake, rabbit, etc.  Tutorials | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

No, not THAT keyboard cat, silly. There& a new keyboard cat in town. The the geeky lovechild of keyboard cat and long cat. Oh yeah, this cat has nerd to.

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