Laatikkokaupan jakkarat ja penkit Stools, benches and tables by laatikkokauppa

JakkaRisto™, Pieni koivuinen jakkarasarja Charming handmade birch stools and benches, design R.Pitkänen and Tuomaala™, Vanhan ajan mukaan tehdyt penkit Benches and tables that are made ​​of pine, from the old time
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JakkaRisto tm sarjan Lilliputti pöydän kruununa
Tuomaala...old way. Suomen metsästä sinulle. Aloita oman penkkisi historia.
MadeByMeasure by Laatikkokauppa
Pop up store in Korjaamo Helsinki Finland
Time to have a break. Old style. Hand made. Tuomaala bench by Laatikkokauppa
New size in JakkaRisto. Lilliputti. Ideal for meditation and small children. So cute.
Tuomaala-bench and shelf for sauna. Made from same wood and will look so good in just build new house. Something old something every time.
Tuomaala-tables for livingroom. These are made by measure and already sold. What is your dream?
Tuomaala- tables and benches for sale in workshop and netshop. Want one? Visit our webpaige or come to Hausjärvi.
Tuomaala is made by hand

Muita ideoita
JakkaRisto is a serie which grows from stool to bench and small table. Kids loves them, others just want...and every piece have own number
JakkaRisto. Lilliputti is smallest, only 10x20x15cm, then mini, mikro and it is growing to 160 long bench
Tuomaala- serie made of rouhg old Finnish pine, old way
color, or without, you decide
Big nice strong
Big tables for garden and diningrooms. Can put parts of it, but you do not need tools :)
handpainted china
JakkaRisto koivuinen jakkara, lilliputti,
Surround yourself with things that make you happy... : Photo
Puulaatikko, MINISISKO, hurmaava laatikko