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One-Finger Spacer | Plastic Writing Spacer for Beginners | Handwriting Skills Development Tool

One-Finger Spacer (25 Pack)

New writers and those with visual or fine motor challenges can rely on the spacer's arrow for directionality and its ruler for precise letter measurement.

Simpel und sooo gut! Ich nehme an ihr verwendet sie alle, diese tollen wasserlöslichen Stifte. Ich verwende sie oft für Knobelaufgaben od...

This is such an easy and amazing idea! Hot glue a pom pom on a dry erase marker…

Láminas Infantiles y para Adolescentes (pág. 97) | Aprender manualidades es

Láminas Infantiles y para Adolescentes

Parts of Speech Flipbook- Fun parts of speech activities Perhaps I could use this when revising French at the beginning of each new electives class.

Parts of Speech Flipbook- Fun parts of speech activities. Try it as a Spanish activity for school-age kids learning Spanish! Great way for Spanish teachers to teach Spanish parts of speech.