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Runes – Viking Alphabet by yvonne – Norse Mythology-Vikings-TattooYou can find Norse mythology and more on our website.Runes – Viking Alphabet by yvonne – Norse Myt.

The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot!

Runes - Viking Alphabet

The border of Finland

Anjalanliitto-Suomen itsenäisyys Seppo Liukko 2007- 2009 (kesken)

Regions and Coats of Arms, Finland << is it me or is it a bit discriminatory that the Sami territory's coat of arms is a cave man? Lappland, Finnish Language, Finland Travel, Templer, Fjord, Flags Of The World, Family Crest, Historical Maps, My Heritage


The areas ceded by Finland to the Soviet Union after the Continuation War. Porkkala was returned to Finland in The Moscow Armistice was signed between Finland on one side and the Soviet Union and United Kingdom on the other side on…


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 (The Russian Bear has always been chasing after The Finnish Maiden - Suomi Neito - as Finns call their country by the shape of it. History Of Finland, How Many Countries, Finnish Words, Finland Travel, Map Pictures, The Beautiful Country, Prehistory, Historical Maps, Helsinki
Finland Travel

Tracing Finland's eastern border - thisisFINLAND

We recount the tale of Finland's eastern border, which has been drawn and redrawn many times.

Large prismatic crystals of bright green Pargasite are revealed from the marble matrix. The Pargasite crystals measure to x and are well formed, translucent with subvitreous lustre.

Minerals, Crystals & Fossils

Welcome and enjoy the mineral eye candy!

Types of fractures ~ Learning Geology Earthquake Fault, Types Of Fractures, Gemstone Brooch, Rose Gold Jewelry, Earth Science, Rocks And Minerals, Geography, Astronomy, Fossils
Types Of FracturesGemstone BroochRose Gold Jewelry

Types of fractures

A blog about geology.

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