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Bright and shiny Christmas decorations - vintage

Bright and shiny Christmas decorations

vintage toy - travel number puzzle game by christian montone - i remember busting the tiles out and putting them back n how i wanted! My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Sweet Memories, Childhood Images, Number Puzzle Games, Number Puzzles, Retro Toys, 1960s Toys, Vintage Toys 1960s

Nuggets From The Vintage Motherlode

Some pieces from the enormous stash of toys that spent decades in my friend Mike's parents' attic. He and his husband, my friend Pete, were kind enough to bring them back from Tennessee for me last month... and trust me, the items (and the effort it took to bring transport them) are very much appreciated.

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the and View-Master! My mom bought me the talking view master ! I loved it so much!


View-Master , since 1939, has been a device for viewing seven 3-D images (also called stereo images) on a paper disk. Although the View-Mast...

Creative and Modern Tips: Shabby Chic Dining Old Windows shabby chic nursery window.Shabby Chic Dining Old Windows shabby chic pillows slipcovers.Shabby Chic Crafts To Make. Vintage Prints, Éphémères Vintage, Images Vintage, Vintage Labels, Vintage Ephemera, Vintage Pictures, Vintage Postcards, Clipart Vintage, Logo Vintage

Imágenes para imprimir-Free Printables

Estas imágenes para imprimir son exclusivamente para uso PERSONAL!!! Free Printables, only for PERSONAL use !!

 Song and more Song- Canciones. canciones y mas canciones

De politieagent is bekend!

Try local activities in Finland - such as cross country skiing. Enjoy a fun day in the snow!

Finnish Trip-juice from late or early

Hörps! 70–80-luvulla Trip-mehu pakattiin kolmionmuotoiseen tetraan. Kuva: Sanoma-arkisto / Marli

Shop in the bus circling finnish rural corners Good Old Times, Mobile Shop, My Childhood Memories, Barbie House, My Land, My Heritage, Mercedes Benz, Retro Vintage, Nostalgia

Kuva: Myymäläauto parkissa - myymäläauto kaupankäynti vähittäiskauppa kauppa-auto kiertävä - Kuvapankki

Kuvaaja: Juhana Konttinen / Nro: 325988 / Albumi: Kauppa, Kaupankäynti / Trade, Commerce / Kuvapankki - Kuvatoimisto

Raunistulan nukkekodit: toukokuu 2014

Raunistulan nukkekodit

Hetekat alkaa olla viimein ihan valmiina. Valmistimme jousituksia ja verkkoja jokainen hiukan eri lailla. Johannan hetekassa verkko on tylliä, kuvassa alla. Ninnan hetekassa verkko on sipulipussia. Hetekat saa aukikin, muttei kuitenkaan nostettua ylös. Ovat ns. "pikkusisko nukkuu tuossa alhaalla, ettei vierähdä lattialle" mallia. Laittanemme vielä reunoille pahvista levyt, jos eivät ole ajan kuluessa rikkoutuneet ja hävinneet. Hyvää kesää kaikille kerhomme blogissa piipahtaville. Syksyllä…

Remember these! An favorite :) Vintage Black canvas Chinese Shoes With buckle closure Mary Jane style size 36 on bottom of shoe Size looks like they were never worn Made in China long new condition! My Childhood Memories, Sweet Memories, Childhood Toys, Early Childhood, Mode Vintage, Vintage Black, Vintage Velvet, Mary Jane Shoes, Black Canvas

A Blunt Analysis

My kids have been watching What Not To Wear, and the dvd they were most recently watching was "Mom Makeovers". Featured were moms wearing droopy-butt sweats to the mall, moms in ratty jeans at the grocery store, moms in huge floral prints at work... WNTW throws away all their old clothes, and gives them $5,000 to buy the clothes WNTW wants them to have. These moms needed updated and to spend a little time on themselves. I get it. But more than once during the show, a family member turned to…

Kymmenen tikkua laudalla on perinteinen pihaleikki.

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Uutisvuoksi. Tuoreimmat uutiset ja päivän Uutisvuoksi verkossa.

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