Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea

-use for card idea. Plant art activity ideas: Make Dandelions Using a Fork (Kids Craft) - Sassy Dealz

Kuvis ja askartelu -

Flower chain made of paper. This would be an easy kids project perfect for spring. - The link for some reason goes to a different project. Kuvis ja askartelu - www.

ruspjes van dopjes collage paper craft caterpillars -kids could make any creature / insect on a leaf and display together

do with the hungry hungry caterpillar

Bring on the summer...

Torn paper waves - Cards by Cindy: Bring on the summer.

Brighten pots out of season

Piedras pintadas (painted rocks) - so easy to make and too cute not to.



Stránka plna nápadu na tvoreni

How to draw Dandelions …

'Moose in the Wild' Art Project

that artist woman: 'Moose in the Wild' Art Project

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Not in English but some lovely crafts for spring