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a line drawing of three buildings with windows on each side and two towers at the top
Fensterbild: Häuser Mit Transparentpapier 3 - Medienwerkstatt-wissen CF7
Fensterbild: Häuser Mit Transparentpapier 3 - Medienwerkstatt-wissen CF7
a black and white striped poster with words on it, including the names of different languages
Ideoita polttareihin: Polttaribingo morsiamelle (tai pienellä muokkauksella koko polttariseurueelle)
an old poster with the names of different languages and phrases in black on white paper
Unelmien häät alle 2000 eurolla
Unelmien häät alle 2000 eurolla: toukokuu 2013
a pink and white wedding seating chart with flowers on the bottom, in front of it
Hääbingot ja tervehdyslappuset
an image of a certificate with the names of countries
Webhosting ja webhotellit: www.zoner.fi
new year's eve craft made with construction paper and confetti on the table
3D New Year’s Eve Craft for Kids
3D New Year's Eve Craft for Kids
a chalk drawing of the year 2013 with stars
four pictures with different colored fireworks in the sky and on them are children's drawings
Uusi Vuosi 2014
this is an art project for kids to do with paper and colored pencils that look like fireworks in the night sky
Uuden vuoden ilotulitus. Ilotulitteet vahaliiduilla, tausta vesivärillä, kaupunki paperista.
children are making crafts with colored pencils
Easy Fireworks Painting for Kids
Simple fireworks painting idea for kids
a happy new year coloring page with confetti and streamers on white background
New Year Confetti Coloring Page | Worksheet | Education.com
Worksheets: New Year's Coloring Page
a bulletin board with different colored stickers and scissors hanging on it's side
an origami star with red, white and blue strips attached to it on a wooden table
Veterans Day
Mooie ster met lichtstralen