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Подробные схемы вязания спицами

Подробные схемы вязания // Мария Загорская

Moose Fair Isle Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

I've been wanting to knit a hat featuring the traditional Scandinavian reindeer/moose motif for a long time now. And here it is! Of course - as with most of my hats and other knitted items, I try not to follow any ready patterns, I try to create something on my own. I have to say, this is the cutest Fair Isle hat I've knitted so far - and definitely my favorite! Moose Fair Isle Hat Knitting Pattern You'll need: worsted yarn in 3 colors: main color (MC, background color, approx. 90 yards)…

Puffin mittens colour chart

This pattern is the colour chart only. The mittens are a puffin scene for the back of the hand and a caplin (fish) pattern for the palms. Thumb position has not been strictly set so as to allow for modifications by the knitter. An after-thought type of thumb is intended rather than a thumb gusset.

Small Eagle 5 Cross Stitch Pattern

Free: Small Eagle 5 Cross Stitch Pattern - Needlecraft

Kevin McCallister's Moose Hat

Kevin McCallister’s Moose Hat Copyright Vrock Knits 2014 | Pattern is for personal use only. Please do not reproduce or sell this pattern, or items made from this pattern. For questions please contact vrockknits AT gmail DOT com This pattern is the closest recreation of the hat that Kevin McCallister wears in the Home Alone movie that I could make. The chart for this pattern was created by staring intently at a screen shot of the hat while I counted stitches and translated it into an Excel…

Loistavat niityt – Great Meadows (Muhu Socks) pattern by Tiina Kaarela

Pattern is in English as a Ravelry Download.

Rantasauna-sukat Novita Muumitalo, Nalle ja Nordic Wool

Nordic Yarns and Design since 1928

Spirit Falcon Charts

Knitting Chart for knitting and double knitting Download PDF zoom charts Square Chart for cross stitch, crochet colour work and filet crochet Download PDF zoom charts


Free cross-stitch design 'Eagle', 38 x 31 stitches 4 colors



Syysmetsän sukat hehkuvat ruskan väreissä! Näin teet hurmaavat kirjoneulesukat sukkaguru Niina Laitisen ohjeella

Syysmetsän sukat saivat inspiraationsa ruskan värjäämästä syksyisestä metsästä. Kurkkaa sukkaguru Niina Laitisen ohje ja tartu puikkoihin!